Saturday, May 12, 2007

Latest Registry Review: After the Wedding Day

We've all been to the registries where people ask for pots, pans, towels, and sometimes that odd little kitchen gadget that you have no idea when they will ever use. Recently, I've been trying to find a non-traditional wedding registry where people can get really unique gifts. The one site that I've recently look at was After the Wedding Day:

After the Wedding Day allows you and your your fiancé to register for activities that you want to do together (skydiving, kayaking, a beach vacation to Mexico, cooking classes). Guests can view your items and purchase bridal gifts for you - giving you a chance to have fun and enjoy each other during your newlywed year. It's defintely a different concept and I would say that memories of such activities are wonderful and unique wedding gifts. I do wonder about the perception that others may have as it is almost asking for "cash", but I think people would be open to contributing and I would suggest that you send pictures or stories from the actitivies they helped purchased.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Win Prizes! Kohl's Wedding Gift Registry

The Knot along with Kohl's are sponsoring a contest called "Bridal Aisle Gift Registry Bingo Sweepstakes". You can win a variety of home essentials or even a trip to Cancun. It really has nothing to do with wedding registries besides the fact that it forces you to create an account in Kohl's registry system before you can play. It's a free contest and you can enter it on a daily basis, so I guess it doesn't hurt especially if you were going to use Kohl's as your registry anyways. I've created so many accounts on various sites to check out their offerings, that one more really didn't make a difference to me and it's a fun little game to play while I'm bored. The promotion ends on April 18th. Here's the direct link to the game:

Friday, March 2, 2007

Register for Charity

As couples are getting married at a later stage and usually have everything they need, there is a growing trend towards having a registry for charity. Perhaps my analysis is incorrect on why more people are going this route, maybe it's just the fact that we have a great self-less society that wants to use every opportunity to give back to the community. Personally, I would prefer to register for more traditional items as I feel people would like to choose where their money goes to and may not believe in the same causes. Don't get me wrong, I think that charitable donations are a great idea, but I would probably steer away from it as a registry and perhaps make donations as the wedding favor. This way the money is coming directly out of you own pocket and you are still helping a cause that you believe in. In any case, there are now sites out there that help those who want to have a registry for their charities. I didn't interact with them much as I knew I wasn't going to use it, but it may be something that others are interested in.

The best one I found was that has a section dedicated for wedding registries.